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theiac's Journal

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Since the real Club Room has been overtaken by losers, we have created an online community that is WAY cooler. Send an email if you want in ... cry yourself to sleep if you don't get it. Love, kisses, and wild debauchery ... TheIAC
49/51, absinthe, aircraft carriers, albania, allemucky new jersey, armed rebellion, bathtubs, being nerdy, being president, being wet, binge drinking, bricks, canada, consuming phallic symbols, controlling the masses, cote d'ivoire, crusades of conquer, crystal shrimp, debauchery, diplomacy, elitism, felon squirrels, felonious activities, film making, german children, gonnaherpasyphilaides, hotel key theft, human capital, kent state university, krispy kreme doughnuts, kuwait, league of arab states, libyan arab jamaharia, living above funeral homes, making fun of kerwin, masterbation, mocking the french, night shot, palestine, parliamentary procedure, politics, prostitution, protest, puppet governments, road trips, rock throwing, sailboats, somalia, spring lake liberation army, sword fighting, the 55th street deli, the citadel, the czech republic, the united nations, things that are redigious, tonga, tools, toothbrush holders, united kingdom, vibrating chairs, washington dc, wearing your girlfriend's shoes, world domination, yassar being dead